Str.ay Cat Apartment in the Police Station is made for SWAT Cat Lady!

This will keep the cat warm in winter, what a brilliant idea…!

This pretty cat won the hearts of the Boston Police Department’s SWAT team, to the point where she was named SWAT Cat and became this department’s mascot.

Hope every feral cat can find such a home and loving people!

She was a tortoiseshell cat who lived wandering on Boston Street before going to the police department for the first time and charming them regularly. However, the SWAT cat has never considered the police department home. She loves freedom and adventures.

To keep this frisky lady, officer Jamie Pietroski had the brilliant idea of building a “cat apartment” for the SWAT Cat.

After the work was completed, Officer Pietroski’s hardships became ever more worthwhile. SWAT Cat absolutely loves her beautiful new home. The elegant house is embellished with sliding glass doors, a sizable patio, and a chic, open studio arrangement. It’s fantastic!

Indeed, SWAT Cat was unable to reject moving into her new house straight away! Now, she has a home of its own to return to after any adventure or impromptu outings.

The people at the Boston Police Department are so happy that SWAT Cat is loved by so many people. From now on, the cat lady will no longer be alone, and neither will the Boston Police Department.

Hope every feral cat can find a home and people who love them to the moon and back!

What a great thing to do. Thanks to officers who help build this. So generous and thoughtful thing to do. Police are caring men! We should all appreciate that!

Thank You All for being out there Caring – Protecting & Keeping us Safe 24/7!!!
Yeahhh Blue!!! That’s so cool!

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