Random Cat Crashes Fashion Show, Fights Models

Fashion shows are glamorous soiree – trendy or emerging designers presenting their newest collections, elite models and a bit snobby onlookers make the fashion shows as prestigious as they are. However, not even fashion is safe from a mischevious silly cat or two.

Just like a walking pun come to life, a weird cat set the internet on fire when it decided to strut its stuff on the ‘catwalk.’ Yes, it all occurred at the Esmod International Fashion Show held in Emaar Square Mall in Istanbul, Turkey, much to the delight of all the cute cat onlookers.

Attendees at the event filmed the new kitty cat model clean herself and even swat her paw at the human participants, followed up by a strut-worthy of Tyra.

The fashion designer, Göksen Hakkı Ali, told The Dodo, “Everybody was in shock.” But shock factor is favored in the fashion world, so when asked if the funny cat had a future career Ali responded, “Haha, maybe, why not?” Scroll down to see the cat photos of this glorious new star own the stage!

<Source by: https://www.boredpanda.com/stray-cat-istanbul-fashion-show-vakko-esmod/?>

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