Puppy Once Treated As Trash Is Now Treated As A Treasure By Someone.

This pup is really too cute with the black spots on his pink nose!

Instead of treating dogs as friends, some people have mercilessly discarded these friendly and adorable creatures.

That is exactly what happened to Piglet, the dog in the following story. Someone cr.uel had cut off his ears and thrown him in a trash can at a Sacramento high school.

That is ter.rible for the dog! Even if you don’t love them, please don’t hurt them!

Fortunately, he was taken in by a resident who decided to care for him until he was taken away by the Front Street Animal Shelter’s Public Information Coordinator, who heard his story.

Piglet is lost and sad at his adoptive mother’s house at first; it appears that he has lost faith in people and becomes shy, but its personality shines soon after it believes in the one who nurtures himself.

The woman’s love restored his faith in people and convinced him that he deserved to be loved again!

Fortunately, Piglet was later adopted and got to experience what it was like to have a permanent home. What an amazing transformation!

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