Little Kitten Found With Serious Injuries Gets Rescued But Loses One Leg

Sakrapee Pathomtodsaporn found this tiny kitten in a terrible condition. She cried in pain because her body was full of horrible wounds. She was weak and had a slim chance of survival. Looking at her situation, many people would leave her alone as they were scared that she would not survive. However, Sakrapee refused to do this and took her to a vet.

After checking for her, the vet said that she was likely hit by a car for many days. Her injuries were badly rotten and infected. One of her legs was damaged, so the vet decided to remove it to save her life. She was then given all medical treatment and care that she needed.

Under the love and care of the staff at the vet clinic, she recovered well from the surgery and started to regain her health. She almost lost her battle’s life, but she finally won it and survived. She was taken to her new home, where she will be cared for and loved by her new mom.

We are overjoyed to know that she now has a good forever home and a great mom. She will grow up in good health and forget all the bad things in the past. We hope that her whole life will be full of love and joy.

Thank you very much for helping and taking so good care of this adorable and beautiful kitten. Keep up with your great work. God bless you all!

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